Inspirations speak to my soul while observing and living life.  During the creative process my feelings and thoughts about a subject will change, grow and become more complex; however, my initial response, which is visceral and personal to me, stays true.  I refer to that initial response for guidance as I work through a painting or drawing.

I believe that there is inherent value in the artistic study of form, space and light.  At the heart of my work is an appreciation of the old masters planted during my art school days in Florence, Italy, and expanded during graduate studies with renowned American figurative painter Jerome Witkin.

The world we live in has many layers which exist outside our general awareness, and I have always felt connected to the spiritual side of things.  It is natural for me to represent a spiritual element alongside the physical images in my work.  Much of my work is allegorical, speaking of the human condition and the healing power of nature.

I am grateful to share my interior life with other people through my artwork.  Making art is truly a way of honoring God and the gift of life.

Lisa Foor Rojek  April, 2016